St Marks College

St Mark's College currently has a vacancy for 2014. Please call 07 4759 5100 to enquire about a contract residency or temporary on-campus accommodation.

Living on campus at James Cook University offers the best opportunities for successful study in an enjoyable environment.  

Being only a short walk away from lecture rooms, laboratories and Library is only the start of the St Mark’s Experience.
You have daily access to other students in your course including later years who are happy to guide and advise you as you come to terms with University life and study. And you have opportunities to spread your wings culturally and on the sporting field if you choose to do so. 
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Vision & Values
The College has a respectful culture where members of College do not feel pressured to act in ways they are not comforable with or are pushed into other activities when they want to study.
Explore the College
The beautiful rural location of James Cook University offers  a charming setting for St Mark's College. Set on a rising open campus within the University Wildlife Sanctuary, the College sees wallabies on the grounds regularly and possums and bandicoots at night. The bird life is varied and delightful.
Meet Our Staff

The College Principal, Mrs Paula Anderson, has served as an Executive Director of Schools in Queensland and as a Principal of both state and private schoold across Queensland and Victoria. Mrs Anderson is a 1981 graduate of the former Townsville Teachers'College and a past resident of St Mark's College .


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